As an organization we are passionate about providing digital skills, including the right of children to be safe online and what all stakeholders can do to secure that right. And one of the easiest ways to provide this education is through teachers. This is why our work with educators is important to us, we host Teacher’s hangouts annually to talk about online safety and share resources with teachers on how to help safeguard young people, some of our teachers have gone on to start Online Safety Clubs in their schools.

With so many challenges and risks around the digital environment, online safety is important as students navigate their digital world. At Virtually Safe, we want students to be able to identify these common issues and stay safe while online.

And to achieve this, it is important we work with all stakeholders including educators, teachers and schools, as these group play a huge role in what young people turn out to be in life and we believe there are several things that schools and educators can do to ensure safe usage of the internet by their students while they’re at school or at home. Teachers and schools can play a key role in helping to keep young people safe online.


Young People's Understanding and perspective of Online Safety in Nigeria.
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