School Tour

School Tour

Virtually Safe will provide young people with the skills and give them the confidence to engage safely and smartly with others through the school tour campaign program.

Volunteers will be recruited and equipped with all the resources and materials needed to teach online safety to students across Nigeria during a two week  activation.

The tour is necessary to help create a nationwide awareness about online safety, address and reduce risks related to young people’s online use including cybercrime, cyber-bullying, mental health and more.

Students will be trained on online safety, equipped with techniques to protect themselves, and introduced to a culture of digital responsibility!

As digital safety grows and evolves it’s important schools have three pieces to the jigsaw in place to ensure they are getting the maximum impact – training for teachers, technical resilience and empowering the pupils. Together these three components provide a safe nurturing environment to help the future generations of digital pioneers get the most from the learning opportunities to prepare them for life.

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2021-5-24 8:00 am 2021-6-5 2:00 pm UTC-0 School Tour Brace Yourself! The Virtually Safe School Tour is coming to schools near you! Across Nigeria
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