Research shows that more than 65 million Nigerians aged between 18 and 40 bet on various online platforms and this number includes vulnerable players who do not gamble for fun. We believe that a positive action is required to minimise gambling-related harm like addictions and depression by creating meaningful conversations that engages all stake holders; regulators, the industry players, policy makers, academic experts, mental health experts and the general public on the strategy to address the harms of gambling. Beyond driving safer gambling conversations, we work with innovators, change-makers, tech developers to create actual tools that can help people gamble safely online.

Virtually Safe provides a multi-faceted and innovative approach to problem gambling prevention through outreach, community education, and community awareness activities like community involvement events and youth engagement projects.

Young people today are growing up in a society where gambling is legalized, easily accessible, actively promoted, glamourized and generally presented as harmless entertainment, almost every advert your see on comedy skits in Nigeria today are betting related, as harmless as that may seem, young people's attitudes about betting and gambling are shaped by advertising, their friends, adults around them, easy access and games that look like gambling.

Why Should We Care About Gambling Especially Among Young People
Gambling patterns start as early as 9 years and can be established before teens. Young people ages 9-17 years engage in legalized and self-organized gambling at home and in school. People who gamble at an early age are more likely to have gambling problems later on. Gambling and Betting has become very attractive and accessible to everyone through technology . Young people with gambling problems tends to have higher rates of substance abuse, depression, anxiety and suicide. Survey conducted says that over 10% of teenagers have gambled online.

We need to prevent gambling harm, not just react to it


Young People's Understanding and perspective of Online Safety in Nigeria.
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