The Safer gambling event was a 3 hour interactive workshop which convened various stakeholders; regulators, young people, betting companies, parents and mental health advocates to discuss and share knowledge on creating a safer gambling ecosystem in Nigeria. Virtually safe, an initiative that helps to improve digital safety for online users fulfilled one of its mandates through the Safe gambling workshop.

Virtually safe had a remarkable opportunity to demonstrate that safe gambling is possible by taking the multi stakeholder approach towards proffering a solution. With various key players in the room, the safe gambling workshop was able to:

● Provide an avenue for young people to share their ideas for a safer gambling ecosystem online.
● Educate attendees and a wide media audience on ways we can gamble safely online.
● Conducted local research to understand the perception of people about gambling
● Provided resources and support for young people ideating a safer gambling ecosystem.
● Provide a safe and inclusive ecosystem for all players in the space to interact with no fear of judgment.


The event was well attended by over 50 people who were all equal contributors to discussions and the overall success of the event. Kicking off at 11:00, it started with an opening remark from the MC who then introduced Damian, the founder of virtually safe to also give a welcome speech to the audience and what virtually safe does and the reason why we felt the need to organize the safer gambling event. The keynote address was delivered by our official partner for the event, Crucial Compliance; represented by Paul Foster - . He proceeded to give the audience a befitting explanation of what the gambling ecosystem is and the need for us all to actively work towards a safer online gambling system. The workshop progressed to an interactive and educative panel session where the audience were able to learn from representatives from Betway (a leading betting company in Nigeria), Gamble Alert, She Writes Woman (a mental health organization) who were all able to provide deep content about the world of gambling from their various perspectives.

The Safer Gambling event also featured first of its kind safer gambling hackathon - a call for young people to brainstorm on what a safer gambling space could be like and be able to create solutions for a safer gambling space. Young people who registered to pitch their ideas for a safer online gambling ecosystem also took to the stage to wow the audience with their innovative ideas and Oluwaseun Afolayan emerged the winner of the pitch with a prize of N100,000 and support to continue to build his work. The event ended with a closing remark and vote of thanks from the CEO of Adam Bradford Agency; Adam Bradford.


Young People's Understanding and perspective of Online Safety in Nigeria.
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