Slide Let's Make the Internet Safer for everyone... Virtually Safe provides a wide range of online safety support, advice, programs and resources to help internet users stay safe while online.

Download our 2021 Online Safety Report. a study of young people's understanding and perspective of Online Safety in Nigeria.
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Our Approach

Awareness Programs
Through our campaign programs we are making information about internet safety widely available.
Online Safety Resources
We provide contents and resources that educate young people, teachers and parents about online safety.
Community Engagement
We are actively involving members of the community including key stakeholders to take a stand for online safety.
Emotional Support
We provide peer based education and emotional support before problems become a crisis.

Our core values

Digital Wellbeing
If we use digital technology in an unhealthy way, it can harm how we feel about ourselves and others and also harm the thoughts and opinions that we have. It is important to use digital technology in a way that makes us feel happy, safe and healthy.
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Safe & Responsible Use
We value safe and responsible online behaviour. Internet users especially young people should have the online social skills to take part in online community life safely, ethically, respectfully and also protect their reputations and privacy.
Digital Skills
Being safe online means that you have the knowledge to identify the potential risks and are conscious of your personal security while browsing, sharing or surfing the internet.
Digital Self Awareness
From digital footprints, use of profile photos and posts, an appreciation of one’s digital persona is essential for understanding how the world interprets you and your actions. The key is knowing what to disclose.


School Tour (1)
  • 24 May
  • 8:00 am to 2:00 pm
School Tour
Brace Yourself! The Virtually Safe School Tour is coming to schools near you!
Yoga & Tech flyer (1)
  • 29 May
  • 10:00 am
Yoga & Tech Workshop
For a Healthy and Safe Lifestyle, Join Ibiye Selma and the Virtually Safe team for a Yoga X Tech experience.
Art Challenge 002 (1)
  • 7 Jun
Virtually Safe Art Challenge
Draw your imaginations, create artworks and craft messages about online safety and win amazing prizes
Debate Tournament 002 (1)
  • 17 Jun
Virtually Safe Debate Tournament
Every Voice Matters...

Why Virtually Safe

As an organization helping to expand access to technology education, Teens Can Code understands the importance of online safety and therefore launched the Virtually Safe project, a new design practices that is more young people-focused and places value on online safety as an integral part of their young and developmental growth.

Virtually Safe will help address and reduce risks related to children and young people’s online use including cybercrime, cyber-bullying, addiction, offensive and illegal content, sexting and more, with the goal of spreading nationwide awareness programs on new age technological crimes, frauds and safeguarding the people.

Keep It Helpful
Keep It Private
Keep It Real
Keep It Locked

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